Delivering Top-Tier Asphalt Paving Services and Related Construction Works Across Various Sectors

Not every contractor is equipped to handle the demands or complexities of large projects. At Wyndale Paving, however, having an experienced team, sizable crew, and large fleet of equipment allows us to deliver projects of all shapes, sizes, and scopes across the following sectors:


Your property’s appearance is a vital aspect of your business. In order to attract new customers or tenants and keep existing ones happy, it’s important that you make a strong impression with high-quality construction services. At Wyndale Paving, we deliver the GTA’s finest asphalt parking lots to ensure that your business always looks its very best.


Every day, your business relies on durable surfaces to support the weight of large vehicles, equipment, and machinery. Whether you need high-quality pavement for a new parking lot, loading dock, or dumpster area, we carefully design and engineer your surface to withstand the heaviest loads so that it serves your business for many years to come.


Schools, universities, recreational centres, churches, hospitals, and other organizations are the lifeblood of our communities. Whether you need high-quality asphalt paving or timely repairs, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable services so that you can keep these important amenities open to your community.


Projects involving city roads, government buildings, and other infrastructure require the expertise of a seasoned contractor. At Wyndale Paving, our five decades of industry experience means that we are to fulfill all schedule obligations, comply with local codes, and meet all specifications for your project—all while working efficiently and safely at all times.

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